Epoch 23: Dawn of the American Monarchy

Games tell a story. Earyummy Games center around what we called novelized games. Epoch 23 is our way of talking about what income inequality -- or what the Victorians call the social question -- is doing to the United States.

The last democracy

In Epoch 23, Atlantica is the last democracy.
The story of Epoch 23 begins with defending the last bastion of freedom and open education from the feudal states.

Neo-feudal times

In Epoch 23, the residuals of science from what Atlantica knows as the inter-corporate and
inter-confederate wars are used to reinforce superstition.
Learn more from the Epoch 23 transmissions here.

Misanthrope: September 2016

Evolutionary biologiests have been waiting for a supervirus.
You are one of the few survivors trying to escape the infected in an apandoned Chicago.

The Epoch 23 Transmissions

The Epoch 23 transmissions are messages sent to our time through wormholes to
what we know as the 23rd century to our century.

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